6 Major Casino Trends for 2019

casino trends 2019

Online casinos are one of the most interesting markets in today’s cyber-world. Technological changes and shifts in what players expect from their casinos are affecting the way we play.

Online casino playing is putting paid to land-based casinos, which are suffering from drops in numbers of around 5% in the past decade, whilst online casino playing has increased by more than 15% in the same time frame.

Among other trends, 2019 will be the year Mobile Casino playing officially takes over from desktop playing and will see the birth of Virtual Reality table game playing.

1. Better Security

casino trends security

Thanks to the improved techniques used by thieves and hackers, as well as recent laws regarding GDPR, most casinos will have to seriously tighten up their security in 2019.

This will especially apply to those who are playing catch up from when the GDPR laws were passed quite suddenly last year. Luckily, the technology involved in better security should speed things up rather than slow things down.

This will include faster mobile logins (think facial recognition, fingerprint recognition) and more efficient techniques for making deposits and withdrawals.

2. Better Variety of Live Casino

live casino trend

The Live Casino market will continue to grow, with more and more games becoming available. Since its inception, Live Casino has mainly focussed on the most traditional games such as roulette and baccarat. Plus its development has been mostly dominated by two big names – Evolution and NetEnt Live.

The growth of Live Casino has not been as fast as one would expect, and this comes largely down to price. Live Casino requires croupiers and a camera crew, however, its popularity has increased recently, which means despite the costs involved, more developers are creating new games all the time so that more players are attracted to the website.

3. Cryptocurrencies

casino trend cryptocurrencies

Yes, the cryptocurrencies are here to stay and it’s not just Bitcoin you may encounter, there’s also Litecoin, Altcoin, Dogecoin and Etherium. Cryptocurrencies offer a wealth of benefits to both casino owners and casino players alike, and of all casino trends, this is likely to be the most significant.

For casino users, the fact that the currency is not linked to their personal bank account makes it a more secure option. Bitcoin casinos (casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies) are under less legal scrutiny and can ask players for fewer personal details.

However this may change and casinos that accept bitcoins are likely to be faced with more restrictive guidelines in the future, but this is no bad thing for the player.

4. Virtual Reality

casino trend virtual reality

Already a huge part of the console gaming world, the technology behind VR is set to take the casino world by storm in 2019. Those wearing VR headsets will be able to enjoy a game where they can quite literally (well, virtually) sit around a table with other players.

This immersive technology has similarities with Live Casino, but actually offers a host of benefits over it. It’s cheaper to run and for the players is more immersive, more social, more meaningful and closer than ever to the real thing.

5. Wearable Tech

casino trend wearable tech

Far fetched as it sounds, slot games that can be played on a smartwatch have already been released, such as Dark Knight Rises for the Samsung smartwatch. The smartwatch market is forecast to be worth over $30 billion by 2020. And wearers are going to expect to do a bit more than read a text and see how many steps they have done. Still very much in its infancy, this tend won’t be huge in 2019, but it will be the year that it really gets going.

6. The Mobile Takeover

casino trend mobile takeover

Whilst mobile casino and slot gaming has grown massively in the past few years, 2019 is expected to be the year that it quite literally, takes over. Mobile slot playing (which includes the use of tablet devices as well as phones and the aforementioned smartwatches), for instance, will most probably overtake the amount of slot games played on a desktop or laptop in 2019.

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