Casino trends 2020

virtual reality in casino

The most significant predictions for online casinos for the coming year. We look at the changes that will impact the online gaming industry in the year ahead.

While the previous year has been transformative for the gambling and gaming business, there is more progress and change expected to come this year. Currently, the only constant trend is evolving technology, and most changes are bound to affect the gambling industry.

Online casinos are proving to be more than an augment of brick and mortar casinos, and they are increasing in popularity in spite of their solid counterparts.

Crypto-currency to grip the gaming industry

The beauty of crypto-currencies is their ability to mask their users, with the players’ security and anonymity being protected. This has caused many gaming platforms to set up systems to accept digital currencies, like Bitcoin and many others.

crypto-currency in gaming industry

While the traditional payment options are still prevalent, the nature of the gaming industry seems to favour crypto more. The currency is untraceable, and this is an advantage to those sensitive towards gambling. Additionally, there is less chance of hacking, and the future seems bright for digital currencies in the industry. Other trends include:

1. Increased access for limited areas

The prevalence of cryptocurrency also has unconsciously overcome another barrier. Since digital payment methods do not trace back to their owners, players in previously restricted areas have a chance to participate in online casinos. The trend has provided more access to this group, and there is a high chance of having more players even from localities, where brick and mortar casinos are unfavourably regulated.

2. The mobile invasion

Mobile casino and slot gaming have been on the rise ever since handsets have had an internet connection. Numerous sites have optimized their games for mobile playings, like the mobile website.

In addition to having cell phones, a new technological platform in the form of smartwatches is expected to be on the rise. The smartwatch is one technological advancement that has enjoyed rising popularity and the gaming industry has invested and is ready to reap off its growth. The coming year is likely to have more new developments that will see the integration of more slot games into the wearable technologies.

3. Virtual Reality

One main disadvantage of online casinos is the inherent lack of the classic casino atmosphere.

Virtual Reality provides an opportunity to have more realistic casino experiences by using VR accessories. With the prevalence of VR accessories in public, it is a matter of when, not if, players will have access to virtual reality casinos from their homes.

Popular slot games developers are already feeling the pressure to develop VR alternatives for their products. However, the technology is still novel, and it may not be available for most online casinos until the technical support for the same is relatively developed.

virtual reality as a trend in online gaming

4. Incorporating more live dealers

As an addition to the previous point, playing in an online casino leaves the player desiring a more realistic depiction of an actual reliable casino. It is no surprise that players prefer having an “actual” dealer present with them without them having to leave the comforts of their home. Online casinos are trending towards having these dealers on their platforms through AI.

Furthermore, the casinos are concentrating on ensuring the dealers are also engaging and entertaining, just like a ‘real’ dealer would. The online casinos realise that ‘the personal touch’ is often enough to convince the players to stay one more round.

5. Interactive gaming systems

Interactive gaming systems incorporate technology in online casinos to enable users to participate in the online games in more luxurious settings; like tables and kiosks. By doing this, online casinos meet two objectives; they utilize the popularity of online games while also providing the feel of the real casinos.

The casinos provide the best online experience in a physical environment to meet their guests’ anticipations. The interactive gaming systems have always been popular, and the casinos use them to enhance the interactions.

6. Introduction of new table games

Even though there is no shortage of table games, new games will continue being introduced to online casinos. Multiple classic games have been played for decades and for which online versions exist. However, most of these games require a certain level of mastery for the player to realise success. Due to this, some players, especially newbies, prefer to try out other more accessible alternatives that offer the same amount of entertainment. 

Online casino operators will continue introducing the new games to see which ones gain popularity. When the players increase their mastery, they are also more likely to try out the same games in physical casinos.

7. The evolution of slot machines

Since online casinos are trying to keep up with changing variables, they realize the importance of satisfying the playing needs of the younger generation. Most of these players grew up playing games that required them to develop a particular skill set to achieve the objective. Consequently, online casinos will incorporate skill elements in their games.

This will help to avoid causing a generic feel to their players’ experience, and it would also serve to increase their engagement. Boredom is not something any casino operator would like to be identified with, and the evolving slot machines mix up and make the experience more exciting.

Similarly, it is common knowledge that thematic products offer more utility and become more popular quickly. Online slot machines dedicated to franchises, movies, games or other famous characters will most likely be introduced and become more popular than generic, or non-thematic products.

8. Evolving consumer trends

With the rising popularity of online casinos, some consumer tendencies have become apparent. Social gambling is on the rise, and this has already been capitalized on by interactive gaming. There is also a preference for free play products, although developers are trying to capitalize on this. They achieve this by offering to sell additional features lacking in the stock product.

The operators of the online casino are on a mission to improve their players’ experience by offering the best gaming entertainment. The new trends will take online gambling to new heights, and is also actively looking for new trends to adopt this year and improve its player’s satisfaction. Visit the online casino today and see what is already available!