Happy Birthday Russell Crowe!

Gladiator Russel Crowe

Can you believe the famous Kiwi turns 55 in April this year? What a career so far and for his new movie where he impersonates Roger Ailes, the former Fox Boss, he really pushes the limits – and weight. Can you image this bloke to be the same guy that won an Oscar for best actor in 2001 as “Maximus” in Gladiator and got a dedicated stamp in Australia?

But it’s not the first time he became a regular in junk food restaurants. For his cast in Insider (1999) he gained 63 pounds. Same in 2008 for Body of Lies. Anyone on a diet should try to get some tips from Russell. He lost roughly 50 pounds in view of his Boxing movie “The Comeback” and an astonishing 90 pounds in 2012 to prepare for now roles.

Apparently, he skipped any type of gluten and alcohol and hit the gym on top of mountain biking, walking and other sports activities. Whatever he did – it worked out for him.

Russel Crowe Birthday

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