A Quick Tour Around the UK’s Best Casinos

Top casinos in UK

All across the UK, people are staking money right now. They could be on the bus returning from work, in the pub with friends, or sitting on their own sofa relaxing, players can enjoy casino games almost anywhere, anytime. But even though mobile gambling has exploded, bricks and mortar casinos continue to thrive, resulting in a diverse sector supplying an endless range of experiences.

In this blog, we’ll take a quick tour around the UK’s best casinos in 2020 – putting the world of online roulette, poker and slots into wider context. Of course, we’d love our readers to dive into online casinos that provide high-quality, reliable services. But sometimes, the elegance, excitement and sheer magic of land based casinos is irresistible. So let’s get to know the best around.

1. Aspers Casino, Stratford

When the London Olympics were planned, it’s a fair bet that the organisers didn’t envisage one of the major legacies to be a world-famous casino, but fortunately for London gamblers, that’s exactly what has happened.

Located in the sprawling Westfield Centre, next to Stratford Station, Aspers seeks to create an accessible experience, which brings a touch of the Vegas atmosphere to London’s East End. You can play all of the major table games, try your luck at slots, watch sporting events, enjoy a drink, and dine on gourmet food. The dress code is smart casual, and the vibe is upscale, but not too exclusive. So expect a warm welcome and a comfortable stay.

If you are a slots fan, Aspers stages a monthly tournament, and it’s also quickly become a major venue for live poker. Even if you aren’t playing yourself, it’s an exciting place to be.

2.   Park Lane Casino, London

Park Lane Casino, London

Moving across the capital to the slightly more upmarket West End, the Park Lane Casino is a venue where the global elite gathers. Expect to see oligarchs wander in for an hour or two, and glamorous characters around the bar. But don’t expect to be rebuffed if you aren’t part of the billionaire class.

If you can pay the £1,000 membership fee, Park Lane is open to all. And while that may seem steep, for many people it’s a price worth paying. Not only do you have access to a laid back casino environment with elite croupiers and some of the best gastronomy in any gambling establishment, anywhere in the world. Members also enjoy the benefits of a high-end social club.

The gaming lounge is the star, but members can also book cut-price sports and theatre tickets. And they can even smoke and gamble on the unique Gaming Terrace.

3.   Les Croupiers, Cardiff

Leaving London, the next best casino in the UK has to be Les Croupiers. In action since the 1960s, this Cardiff mainstay has a hardcore fanbase thanks to its down to earth appeal and arrangement of 20 gaming tables. It’s a relaxed place to play roulette or blackjack, or to sit back with an entertaining slot for an hour, a short distance from Cardiff Bay.

Alongside table games and slots, Les Croupiers shows almost every sporting event imaginable, as well as live poker contests. There’s a stellar Chinese restaurant on-site for pit-stops in between hands, as well as offbeat gambling attractions like the Punto Banco table.

Even better, access is simple, with no membership structure. All visitors need is a valid ID (a driving license or passport is fine), and they are welcomed into the club. As countless locals will confirm, leaving might be the tough part.

4.  Genting Birmingham

Genting Birmingham

Genting has become a major player in the UK’s bricks and mortar casino scene, operating a massive 43 locations country-wide. Now we don’t recommend that you visit them all, but a few of these establishments are right up there with the finest around, and every player should sample the Genting experience at least once.

The Malaysian giant’s Birmingham branch is an excellent place to start. Located at Resorts World Birmingham, the casino could well be the first “resort style” operator in the UK. This means that visitors can do a lot more than gamble. With IMAX cinemas, fine food, boutique shopping, spas, and accommodation, it’s a genuine all-round destination.

As for the casino itself, major attractions include the “Learn to Play” option, which eases novices into all of the major table games. And there are more than 100 slots to sample as well, including rapidly multiplying progressive jackpots.

5.   Genting Edinburgh

We can’t list the UK’s top casinos in 2020 without venturing into Scotland, where we’ll find one of the best poker venues anywhere, period. Genting’s Edinburgh branch at Fountain Park specialises in poker, with its cardroom where the contests last 7 days a week, and the world’s greatest players can often be seen.

If you want a hand or two of Texas Hold Em, you can’t do much better than Genting Edinburgh. But as with all of our selections, there’s more going on here for gamblers to enjoy. For instance, Genting Nights packages let you mix food, free bets, and entertainment, and the Late Bar is one of Edinburgh’s finest places to chat the night away with friends.

6.   The Hippodrome, Leicester Square, London

 The Hippodrome, Leicester Square, London

Finally, let’s take a trip south and return to London, where we arrive at one of the most remarkable renovations of recent times. For decades a lively entertainment venue, Leicester Square’s Hippodrome Theatre has been restyled and reinvented as one of the country’s most innovative casinos.

The new Hippodrome has gained a name for itself with outrageous cabaret (including a live rendition of Magic Mike). It bundles in a sizzling steak house, as well as a “boozy” tea room where tea-based cocktails dazzle the tastebuds of gamblers with a sense of the exotic.

The atmosphere is bohemian and imaginative, the architecture is breathtaking, and the casino isn’t bad either, offering craps pits, poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and entry level games for beginners like Casino War. If you want a social venue that’s also a gambling standout, the Hippodrome is the place to be.

After Visiting A Local Casino, Play Online with Cashino

All of these venues score highly with us thanks to their range of games, decor, food and drink, and general atmosphere, but they aren’t the only places to gamble. If you want to play but can’t attend a casino, head to Cashino’s online casino and join the fun.