Where is online casino legal? Which countries have enacted laws to legalise online casino?

Which countries legalise and regulate online casino?

Online gambling falls into the legal grey area in some countries or regions. While it is illegal in several parts of the world, the prosecution and conviction of online gamblers have proven difficult since most of them play at home. Some countries have also enacted laws restricting online gambling. That’s why it is common to find online casinos and their servers located in other jurisdictions. There are more than 70 countries around the world that allow online casinos to set up shop.

Where is it entirely legal to play at an online gambling site?

Are online casinos legal in the UK? The answer is yes. Gambling and virtually any form of it has been part of British life for many centuries. However, gambling legislation as it stands today can be accurately traced as far back as the mid-19th century.

Other countries that have laws legalising online gaming include New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Denmark, South Korea, Germany, France, and some select provinces in Canada. Therefore, you need to do your homework well to know whether or not online gambling is legal where you live. If online gambling is illegal in your area, and authorities discover you managed to play, you could face criminal charges.

How are online casinos legalised and regulated?

Online gaming began as an unregulated business. In a bid to give legitimacy to such a lucrative industry, various countries created online gambling commissions. However, most of these countries were island nations including, Gibraltar, Malta, Kahnawake, Curacao, Alderney, and the Isle of Man. These commissions were and are still at the center of coming up with legal frameworks that govern online gambling and licensing online casinos. Some of these countries are still by and large at the heart of online gaming regulation. However, over the years, the development of the laws surrounding online gaming, and regulation of online casinos, have become areas of interest for larger economies.

When it comes to issues of jurisdiction and sovereignty, gambling laws become even murkier. For example, a casino in the Netherlands breaks US gambling laws if a player in the US plays any of their games. Unfortunately, the US cannot prosecute someone in another jurisdiction. Therefore, online gambling is an illegal act in some countries that somehow goes unpunished.

where is online casino legal?

UK online gaming regulations

The UK was among the first countries to arrest the situation. The Gaming Act 2005 created the UK Gambling Commission with the sole mandate of overseeing remote gaming. This brought all gambling in the UK under one regulator. The commission was created to oversee online poker, sports betting, casinos, bingo and keno.

Presently, any gambling company must be licensed by the Gambling Commission to operate in the UK. However, players have to part with a 15% point of consumption tax on all their payouts. The UK Gambling Commission also has the authority to solve gaming disputes, therefore, protecting players from unscrupulous casinos.

Online gambling regulation in Canada

Canada is a relatively unregulated jurisdiction when it comes to online gaming. Gaming regulation is up to its province. Provincial lotteries have the mandate of regulating online gaming in all regions where it is controlled. Sports betting, casino games, and poker are controlled by a license that is specifically approved. However, remote games are operated under permits of lotteries in Quebec, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Ontario.

It’s up to the player to understand and accept the terms and conditions of an online gambling site before placing a bet. There are numerous gambling sites out there that are up to scamming unsuspecting players. Check to see that your preferred gambling site is licensed and operates under the law.

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Online gambling regulation in the US

As of the moment, only three states in the United States have fully legalised online gambling. These are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The industry is regulated at the state level within these three states. Pennsylvania is the most recent state to reform its gaming laws favouring this lucrative market.

Online gambling regulation in France

The Regulatory Authority for Online Games regulates online gaming in France. This regulator was created through the French Gambling Act of 2010 with the mandate of regulating all forms of online gaming, including sports betting, casino games, and poker. However, the regulator has come under sharp criticism over a tax rate of 44%, the highest of any jurisdiction in the world. This has become a real burden on operators, and this could explain the reason why there are virtually no affiliate deals in the gaming sector in France.

The regulator also has ring-fenced poker, which means that players within the country can only play at online casinos operating within the country’s borders. Therefore, players cannot access international player pool on legal sites in France. This hurts the liquidity of most casinos and limits the availability of games along with the size of tournament prize pools.

Gambling regulation in Italy

Italy falls into the category of countries that strictly regulate online gambling. Initially, Italy blocked and blacklisted gambling companies in other European nations that allowed Italian players. Fortunately, in 2009, Italy amended its gambling laws and tossed out the blacklist, thereby opening up the country to all gambling companies licensed within the European Union.

These new laws allowed companies to receive an interactive gaming permit for games such as poker and sports betting. However, the first stage of poker allowed tournaments only. It hurt popularity and forced players to run to underground sites. Later, cash games were introduced to the list of available games.

Considering that online gaming was proposed and considered first at the turn of the millennium, gambling legislation has gone through years of constant evolution and development. Visit cashino.com for these and more information surrounding gambling legislation and on other topics. You can also visit Cashino to play your favourite table games and slots.